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Copper base welding materials| Silver base welding materials| scaling powder| Flux Cored Brazing Filler


  • Used for welding of galvanized steel metal core wire at full speed

  • Seiko "Smith" - kerner metal latest generation of face milling cutter can easily meet the strict application requirements of cast iron materials

  • With electroslag surfacing

Welding safety technology operating rules Electric welding, gas wqualified, and approved by professional security technology study, the training and examination qualified, to receive the special type of work operation certificate and is able to operate independently.
In the wave soldering flux principle
Any metal surface in the air environment will be oxygen or other oxygen gas of different degrees of chemical etching, the surface state of metals in nature are not pure state of sheet metal. Therefore,
Metal welding splash proof agent use FAQ
strong oxidation ability Aluminum easy to combine with oxygen in air to generate dense solid Al2O3 thin film, the thickness of about 0.1 microns. Al2O3 as high as 2050 ℃, melting point than aluminium and aluminium
At the beginning of New Year to listen to the copper outlook in 2017
opper prices continue rapidly rising trend in 2017 bull market has not come; 2, 2017, after the high low before the domestic

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Zhengzhou king art welding industry co., LTD. Is a company dedicated to brazing materials, electromagnetic induction brazing equipment research and development, production, sales and brazing processing and technical services for the integration of high-tech enterprises. Products sold throughout the country, and has exported to Korea, Japan, Middle East, Europe and other places, has a good reputation and perfect after-sales service system.More>>


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